Host a Meeting in Your WebEx Personal Room SCTC-20




What are Personal Rooms?

Every WebEx user at Southern Crescent has a Personal Room - a unique link they can use to invite others to join them on WebEx at any time, without having to preschedule a meeting. Personal rooms have all the features of a prescheduled WebEx meeting.

Connect to your Personal Room

  1. Open a web browser (Chrome recommended) and go to your WebEx link:
  2. Click the “Log In” button on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Log in using your the webex username and password that was assigned to you.
  4. After login,  you will be brought to a page about your Personal Room.
  5. To Invite people to your room, use the Invite icon (a person with a plus sign) near the top right of the screen.  If the person has a link to your room, they can enter your room without an account
    • ​​​ ​Alternately, if you prefer to share a link to your room, click the More Ways to Join button on the bottom and copy your room link. The link will appear cut off, but you can right click on it to copy. Your link will always stay the same and will be in the format  where USERNAME is replaced with your SCTECH username.​​
  6. ​To start your meeting, click on the green "Start  Meeting" button to enter your room.
    • ​​​WebEx Personal Room Start Meeting
  7. ​Once you’re in:  The Audio and Video configuration window will appear.  Select you preferred Audio Method.   To  Call Using Computer, you will need a mic (a computer with a mic/headset and/or webcam is recommended).  If a mic is not available, select I Will Call In.  Make note of the phone and pin number to use and use your telephone.  Note: Participants and host and call in via the phone and computer.  Not everyone has to use the same call in method.    If you would also like to use your webcam, choose your webcam from the Select Video Connection dropdown menu.  When your  a finished, click Connect Audio.    ​​Connect Webex Audio
  8. To End the Meeting, click on the red End Meeting link on the Meeting Center Page.

Quick Start Page


The following shows some avaiable features during a meeting:

WebEx Quickstart


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