Email Signature Office 365 Outlook Web SCTC-13

  1. Log into your web mail/Office 365 web mail.
  2. Click on the mail tile to open Email 
  3. Click on the question mark
  4. In the search box type signature and select Email signature from the search results
  5. Open a separate web browser tab and go to
  6. This will bring you to a sample template, on your keyboard press ctrl + a to select everything on the web page.  Then press ctrl+c to copy it to the clipboard.
  7. Click back over to the web mail tab in your browser
  8. In the empty box for your signature, click inside the box
  9. Press ctrl+v to paste the signature template.
  10. Edit as needed and check or uncheck the box based on your preferences.
  11. Click OK to save.
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